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Creating the perfect trade show presentation is never easy. While finding the right banners and tablecloths can help make the booth look more professional, you need to be able to catch the eye of everyone passing by. One way to do this is to pay close attention to the colors used in each display. If you are working with a graphic designer on your overall look, ask about one of these trendy color combinations.

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Red and Black

Red makes people want to stop. The bright hue commands attention from across the room. While the red grabs attention, the black helps tie together the design in small quantities. Black fonts are also typically used with this color combination to create a polished, professional look.

Blue and Gold

Blue and yellow tones look great next to one another, but the brightness of both shades at once can be a little overbearing. Switching to gold helps tone down the trade show banner and draws the focus over to the warm blue shade.

Blue-Green and Pink

Are you selling something fun and exciting? Two of the most playful colors are blue-green and pink. These light-hearted tones can easily be combined with other vibrant colors to create a dazzling display.

Green and Brown

Earthy tones are really popular in home décor, but many trade show displays are using the rich color combination to show off their commitment to the environment. The colors are also associated with tranquility and purity, making them popular among food and medical brands.

Blues with a Splash of Green

Blue is a vibrant color that most people enjoy seeing. Using multiple shades of blue to create an abstract pattern can help your trade show booth stand out among others. Add a small splash of green to help draw the eye to specific areas of the banner or display.

Design Help

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