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Custom floor graphics add fun and color to your business property. They have become a popular marketing tool over the years and are very useful. At Mammoth Creative,we can design custom graphics that fit in with your brand perfectly. We use high-quality materials for wall and floor graphics so you can be certain they can handle traffic or rough use. Here’s a look at how you can incorporate floor graphics into your business: 

Graphic floor commercial benefits

  1. Visual Enhancer 

Floor graphics can also be used on your personal space. 

You can use graphics to enhance the floor’s appearance. Add a few optical illusions, funny messages, and attractive imagery to create an engaging environment in your store. Many businesses have plain concrete floors that quickly start looking muddy and dull. Floor graphics provide some much-needed embellishments to improve the overall appearance of your commercial space. 

  1. Marketing 

Floor logo decals are a great way to market different products or services. Add some promotional images, slogans, and other such material to the floor. These images are highly visible and will attract a customer’s attention. Many businesses have noticed that marketing materials on floors influence a customer’s purchase decision. You need to make sure the promotional material is visually appealing and represents your brand well.  

  1. Wayfinding Graphics 

Large stores or businesses need wayfinding signs. You can place these signs on the floor to ensure that all kinds of people can see them easily. Wayfinding signs include arrows, section names, floor names, etc. People in wheelchairs find floor signs more convenient and easy to spot as well. If you want to make your business more accessible, installing wayfinding graphics on the floor is a great solution. 

  1. Brand Presence 

Floor graphics also help businesses establish a strong brand presence. Floors are a large, highly visible space. You can easily place a large, impactful company logo graphic on it to create a commanding presence. Floor graphics are easy to install, replace, and quite affordable, which means you can get the impact of a logo without putting in a lot of effort. As a graphic is easy to replace, you can remove it and add a new one if the print becomes too dull or dirty. 

  1. Creating the Right Environment 

Custom floor graphics can help create a fun, playful environment. For example, if you are a large children’s store, you can add customized graphics on the floor to keep little customers engaged. Businesses can install things like rainbows, cars, and even hopscotch games on the store floor. There’s no limit to your creativity, especially if you want something impactful.

You can speak with our experts about the different kinds of floor graphics available and find an option that suits your brand perfectly. Don’t hesitate to experiment with a wide range of designs. 

If you want to know more about our floor logo decals, get in touch with Mammoth Creative today. You can call 720 263 7609 or use our online form for a free estimate.