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At Mammoth Creative, we are a full-service graphics company that has been designing, manufacturing, and installing all types of vehicle graphics for commercial and personal use. Today we want to write about some important information about vehicle wraps so you can make a smart investment and get the most out of your custom vehicle graphics. 

Understanding Vehicle Wraps

A vehicle wrap, manufactured with a high-quality vinyl film, is applied to the exterior of a vehicle and customized for either personal or commercial purposes. There are three main categories for vehicle wraps, which are a full vinyl wrap, partial vinyl wrap, and a commercial wrap. 

Why Vehicle Wraps Are so Effective

According to several studies, 90% of Americans see vehicle graphics, and it is the most affordable way to reach your targeted audience. One single vehicle wrapped, can reach 30,000 to 80,000 people daily. Also, a high-quality custom vehicle wrap is cheaper than a premium paint job and can be done in 1 day, while a paint job can take up to 2 weeks to complete. 

Understanding Vehicle Wraps

We Are 3M MCS Warranty Certified

Here at Mammoth Creative, we are 3M MCS Warranty certified, meaning that our staff is well trained, and our signage projects handled with the highest standards in quality. You can be confident in making a smart investment when choosing us for your graphic design needs in Denver, as well as receive the most attractive graphics for your company. We encourage you to browse our website and learn more about us and our signage products and services. Contact us so we can start working on your custom graphics today!