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Floor signs are some of the most popular custom interior graphics available today. They are ideal for a wide range of businesses and can help you improve the overall visitor experience. If you make sure to design the graphics & signage carefully, you’ll attract the attention you want and improve your branding. Consult with an experienced professional to understand what kind of graphics you need. 

Floor Graphics Can Help Guide Your Customer Experience Without Taking Up Space

Catch potential customer’s attention with creative advertising.

The floor is a large empty space that is highly visible. You can install custom interior graphics directly on its surface without taking up any space. Most businesses use it to provide wayfinding instructions. For example, well-designed floor graphics can show the direction to a restroom, office space, lounge area, or information desk. It can also mark boundaries or barriers that visitors shouldn’t cross. For example, you can add a line and text to mark an employees-only area.

These floor graphics are informative and accessible. Children, shorter people, and people in wheelchairs can easily spot the information, which can improve their entire shopping experience. Well-designed graphics are also visually-appealing and will attract customer attention quickly. 

Floor Graphics Can Help Create the Right Atmosphere and Improve Brand Awareness 

Custom interior graphics are very versatile. You can convey the brand message clearly if the design is right. Many brands use floor graphics to create the right mood in different areas of their store. For example, colorful floor graphics with interesting characters are ideal for children’s sections. Puzzles and 3D-effect graphics can set a playful atmosphere.

You can also use brand colors and graphics to establish a strong presence. For example, if your brand’s logo has a black and white motif, add a few floor graphics with the same color combination. That will help make your brand much more memorable and give the store a professional image.

Floor graphics are resilient and durable. They can handle heavy traffic without fading or losing their visual-appeal. Make sure you invest in a high-quality sign for the best results. Poor quality floor graphics will only compromise your brand image and force you to spend more money to maintain and replace. Strong vinyl graphics are resilient and can last for a few years, even in harsh conditions. Get an estimate of different products from multiple vendors before investing in a sign. 

Floor graphics are only effective if you pick the right design. Contact an experienced professional in the field to get the best results. They will recommend a design based on your branding, marketing goals, and target audiences.