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Storefront Window Graphics Are Good for Your Business

Window graphics are a perfect complement to your advertising strategy. While a robust logo helps to identify your place, custom storefront window graphics will make your business even more visible. This type of business signage allows you to compete with other businesses and reinforce your brand. With well-designed storefront window graphics, you can showcase products and services, events, promotions and more, to push-in traffic and boost sales.

Tell a Story

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Imagine your storefront as the summary on the back cover of a book. Your custom window graphics can tell a visual story, so people will know what your business is about. Consider this tool as a canvas where you can display an invitation to the people passing by your store. A professionally-designed window display encourages impulse sales and seduces a customer’s interest. So, here is a simple guide to help your window graphics stand out from the rest.

Brief & Straight to the Point

New generations are getting used to shorter, concise, and easy to understand messages thanks to texting and social media. Avoid stuffing your window graphics to get better results. Remember the old saying, ‘’less is more’’.

Message Clarity

The key to a well-received message is to avoid cluttering your sign. Stuffing it will generate the opposite result, so people won’t even bother to read the message. To make it effective, the font type, size, and the images you choose should display your message with clarity.


Use words like ‘‘yours or you’’ to help prospective customers visualize themselves using your services or products. State why customers should hire you or buy your products. What problem will it solve?

Your message should be that good that even hours after potential customers have seen your window graphics, the message will still resonate. You can do this by showing your brand’s personality or add a bit of humor, or even make them think.

storefront windows graphics coloradoGraphicsIn sum, to improve your bottom line with storefront windows graphics, you need to push things beyond the basics. The images and wording you use for your signs can directly impact how effective they’ll be at drawing the passersby into your location. To get the most out of the power of store signs, reach out to the sign experts from Mammoth CreativeSigns in Colorado. Please visit our website to learn more about our signage services.