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A truck gives you a lot of room to work with when it comes to advertising your business on the road. Designing a truck wrap or truck lettering is an important advertising opportunity for your business, as your truck will cross all over the country promoting your business and its products and services. That’s why we’ve put together a truck lettering checklist for business owners that are getting ready to design a wrap for their truck. Make sure your truck has the following information.

Business Location

Trucks usually travel far and wide all over the country. That means people won’t automatically assume that your company’s truck is a part of a business that’s located in the local community. To clear up some of this confusion, you should try adding the city and state that your business resides in to your truck lettering. This will tell people exactly where they can find your business if they want to learn more.

Contact Information

You never know when someone might spot your truck and decide to get in touch with your business. But they might not be willing to look up your company online. So, it’s usually a good idea to add some contact information right on your truck wrap. This might include a website, address, phone number, or a social media handle that people can use to learn more about your products and services. If someone wants to take the next step, all the info they need will be right in front of them.

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Information About Products and Services

In addition to your company name, you should also include info about what your company sells. This might seem like a no-brainer, but many business owners think that their business name will suffice. You can just mention the kinds of products and services people will find at your business and even the benefits of these services. This helps people understand what your business is all about.

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