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So many offices these days feature stunning wall graphics that welcome employees, customers, and clients into the space. If you’re a small business owner, you can customize your work space by adding a unique image or the logo of your company to the walls of your office. But if you’re going to spend a lot of time and effort designing and installing these graphics, you need to make sure that people can seem them. That means having the right lighting setup in your office, so you can highlight your masterpiece. Learn more about how to set the mood for your wall graphics.

Wall Pendants for an All-Over Effect

Instead of mounting a giant beam of light on the ceiling that draws everyone’s eyeballs to your wall art, try using a more modest approach such as a line or soft pendants. If you install a track along the wall where your graphics are on display, you can use a series of pendants to highlight each area of the wall graphic. This will illuminate the space without taking away from the rest of the office.

Custom Wall Graphics

Diffuse vs. Direct

It’s also best to use soft diffuse light instead of harsh, direct light that will add harsh shadows and lines along the wall. Diffused light produces a modest all-over effect that will suit any office.

Working with the Space

As much as you’re dying to illuminate your new prized possession, the lighting you use to show off your wall graphics needs to work with the rest of the space. No one wants to spend time in an office with a giant spotlight in the center that casts a shadow on the rest of the office. Try to highlight the positive aspects of your wall art while still making the space feel functional.

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