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Make the Right Decision and Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Signs

Many things need to be considered when creating your signage design. Without the proper experience, it is common to make mistakes that can actually create the opposite effect of what you wanted to transmit and miss a lot of business opportunities. Here are three common mistakes people make when creating a design for their business signage needs:

1) Research the Colors to Be Used

Colors directly affect the psychology of people. Being knowledgeable about what colors to use on your signage design is vital to make it attractive and captivate your potential customer’s attention.   

2) Choose the Correct Font Size Based on the Viewing Distance

When designing your signs, it is crucial to consider what the distance between the sign and the viewers is going to be. Based on this information, you can choose the proper font size to guarantee your sign is going to be visible and attractive.

3) The Simpler, the Better

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when considering their signage design is trying to add too much information in one sign. The truth is, effective signage needs to have only what is relevant and a good call to action because people usually just have a few seconds to see it. If there is a lot of information, they won’t engage.

Professional Signage Company

Hire a Professional Signage Company to Get It Done

The best way to avoid these common mistakes and create a useful sign is to choose an experienced and well-known graphics design company, to create your business signage products and provide the best advice about the design. Mammoth Creative is a large format printing and automotive graphics company with many years of experience with all the professional staff, technology, and equipment to help you create the most cost-effective signs for your business. Contact us today or browse our website to request a free estimate and let’s get started with your signage project today!