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If you want your vehicle to stand out on the road, installing beautiful custom truck decals is the best way to go about it. There’s no need to repaint the surface or damage the vehicle’s original coating. A wrap can be safely installed on top of the truck’s original paint, and it won’t cause any damage.

Most wraps use safe adhesives or are applied with pressure; you can remove them without worrying about paint chips coming off. Many companies and individual truck owners use these decals on their vehicles to ensure they are easy to identify.

Wrapping a Truck

Full-Vehicle Wraps

No matter the size, our cool, striking wrap designs will catch people’s attention.

Custom truck decals are easy to install and stay in place for 5 to 10 years. As long as you choose the right quality product and get professional installation, the wrap will remain in place. Here’s a look at the wrapping process:

  • Cleaning the Vehicle – The technician will first clean the surfaces carefully to ensure there’s no dust or debris on the surface. Specks of dirt will make it difficult for the wrap to adhere, which means it won’t last long in real-life driving conditions.
  • Applying the Wrap – Once the truck is clean, the technician will carefully apply the wrap as per manufacturer instructions. Some wraps only need pressure to activate while others require a heat-gun. Experienced installers will use the best techniques to ensure the coating is even.
  • Removing all Bubbles – Air bubbles are vulnerable spots that can compromise adhesion. They need to be removed immediately after installation to ensure the wrap stays in place. The technician will apply smooth, consistent pressure to avoid bubbles and remove those that do show up.

Experts know how to be careful around the car’s curves and corners to ensure the wrap adheres to the surface properly. The best car wraps can stay in place for over 15 years if they are applied correctly.

Printing Your Design

Wraps are fully customizable, and you can print unique designs on them. Most transport businesses and truck owners choose to print logos or slogans on the wraps. Some also include contact information and brand imagery. You can choose almost any design, making sure it is legible.

Professional installers will help you choose the best car wraps and offer advice on design. They will recommend colors, fonts, and even help clients come up with good logos if necessary. If you want the fleet to stand out, consider installing a high-quality wrap on it.