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Enhance Your Workplace with Custom Graphics

Interior graphics are a great way to enhance your workplace and to take advantage of extra advertising space. It is also a great way to brand your company.

Interior Graphic Types

Wall Graphics

There is always space for a wall graphic. Whether it is inside or outside of your building, wall graphics are a great way to share your message and influence the atmosphere of your workplace. This could be anything like advertisements, logos, inspirational messages and even just beautiful graphics. Wall graphics are also available as an alternative to wallpaper or painting.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are another great opportunity to advertise your business. They can be made to fit directly onto any glass surface. They can be installed and removed without damaging the surface and they are perfect for displaying important information in a clear way. There are also options including frosted glass or perforated designs that can help protect privacy but still allows for light to pass through them.

Floor GraphicsHigh-quality floor graphics

One of the most effective and underutilized advertising spaces is the ground. People continuously look at the ground, but they rarely see more than their feet. A great way to catch someone’s attention is with a bold floor graphic. There is a lot of free space on the floor, so learn how to take advantage of it.

Floor graphics need to be made of quality materials and properly installed as they are exposed to areas of high traffic. For safety reasons, if the graphic ever starts to peel, it should be removed or reinstalled immediately. In addition, there are some designs that include anti-skid laminates.

Mammoth Creative are experts at designing and installing all types of interior graphics. If you want to maximize your impact and brand your business, please contact us today!