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Portable and Convenient Display Design

Retractable banners displays are one of the easiest displays to transport and set up. They are a great way of attracting attention at a trade show and sharing your company’s message. However, there are a few things you should consider when designing a retractable banner.

Design Tips for Retractable Banners

Banner Size

The most standard banner sizes are between 33.5″x80″ and 48″x79″. Choosing one a similar size will be the most economical option, but it is possible to get larger or smaller if required.


Due to printing methods, the margin needs to be at least 2 inches from either side of the banner. It is also necessary to have a margin of at least 3 inches on the top or bottom of the banner. It is possible to have a banner without margins, but it does require some extra work.

Retractable Banner Design in Denver


Resolution is important for ensuring that your display is clearly visible. The ideal resolution is between 150-180 dpi. This means you should always avoid expanding small images to fit a large space.


Logos are one of the most important aspects of a banner. It is usually recommended to keep the logo at a higher resolution such as at 300-450 dpi in order to avoid any blurry or distorted images.

If you are including text in your design concept, make sure that you do this using a vector-editing program like Corel or Illustrator. If you are only using Photoshop, ensure that the resolution is set to a minimum of 300 dpi.

File Format Types

Any submitted file format should be .ai, .eps, or any other vector file type. If it is a raster image, the file can be saved a .tiff or .pdf.


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