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Choosing the Right Table Cover

There are many different styles of table covers. This means that choosing the right one for your will depend on your needs. At a basic level, you will need to choose one that will fit your table size. It is also important to consider if it will be re-used and if it will need to be able to fit multiple sizes of tables for different occasions. It is also necessary to consider what types of graphics you want and how you want to deliver your information.

Types of Table Covers

The Table Drape

The table drape is a style of table cover that simply hangs over the top and front of a display table. These are usually fairly simple and may only contain a simple logo or message on the front of the drape. These usually serve a secondary function of hiding items that are stored underneath the table. The ‘lip’ or back panel of a table drape is designed to hold the drape in place. However, it is also recommended to fasten the back of the drape just in case.

Fitted Table CoversFitted Table Cover

Fitted table covers are one of the most common choices of table covers and they are made to fit tightly to a specific size of table. The design will sit snugly on the table and cover all sides of the table. This creates lots of extra space to print designs and information.

Table Throws

A table throw is similar to a table cloth and is simply a ‘loose’ fitting cloth that can be placed on a table in a variety of ways. Your graphics or message can be printed on the table throw and it is up to you how it is most effectively presented on a table.

If you are interested in learning more about table cover styles, check out some of our other articles. If you require any type of table cover, please contact us for a free estimate.