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If you’re planning on attending your first trade show, you’ll need to get all your ducks in a row before the big day arrives. Trade shows are one of the best ways to get more customers in front of your business. It usually involves renting a booth or a tent in the show and dressing it up with all your company’s swag and information. Before you book your show, learn about everything you’ll need for the event.

Branded Banners and Signs

Having banners, signs or even a tent with your company’s logo and tagline is absolutely essential when you’re planning your first trade show. This is how people and other businesses will recognize your company when they walk by your both or engage with one of your company’s representatives. These images should convey the goals of your company, the services and products you provide, and how you want your customers to feel about your company.

Giveaways and Free Treats

It’s also important to have free giveaways and small souvenirs. This helps visitors remember your business after they leave your booth. Also, who doesn’t love getting something for free? These giveaways can be small like a free pen or sticker with your company’s logo on it. You can also try handing pamphlets or brochures with more info about your company, but it’s best to give the person something they can be excited about.

Videos and Other Media

You’ll also need to keep your guests entertained with some kind of visual media. You can have a video or a gallery of images playing in the background to help illustrate the services your company provides. A moving image is an effective, eye-catching way to give newcomers more info about your company.

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