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Creating the perfect office space can quickly become a balancing act. While it is tempting to paint the walls vibrant colors like bright green or yellow, it is usually better to follow neutral color trends. This is because vibrant colors can quickly take away from important signs, wall murals, and floor art. If you are trying to create the perfect visual display for your office, read these quick color coordinating tips.

Neutral Walls Make Logos Stand Out

If you have invested a lot in a logo, you might as well show it off. Creating a colorful wall mural featuring your logo helps people to recognize where they are instantly, but can be distracting. Neutral colors like white, tan, brown, and black can guide the eye towards the logo without making it look too over-the-top.

Floor Graphics Add the Right Splash of Color

Simply posting signage won’t create a unique, memorable space. Adding floor graphics in Denver can be a great way to add some of the vibrant colors you want without going overboard. Choose colors that compliment your logo to create a dramatic look.

If the space is small, you may want only to use your logo on the floor. This placement, when combined with neutral wall and floor colors, will still draw the eye straight to your branding.

Window Signs Add Information and Color

There are still several ways to add vibrant colors to a room without overwhelming your audience. Window graphics are a great example, as they often have colorful backgrounds that make text easier to read. Some offices choose to have a different graphic in each window. As long as the graphics follow the same color scheme as the rest of the office, they will look appealing.

Vibrant Colors to Avoid

No colors are really off limits when it comes to graphic design. However, you should look at current office trends before deciding on a color scheme. This can help you avoid looking outdated or out of place.

Get Excellent Interior Design Tips

Color plays a huge role in how we see companies. At Mammoth Creative, we want to help you discover the latest color trends to make your company stand out. Contact us today to learn more.