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When trying to attract people to your trade show booth, visuals are key. While this could be interpreted as bringing a large sign with a colorful logo, trade show banners are more than that. They are often informative and visually stunning. Use this guide to create a well-balanced banner and see just how easy it can be.

Know What You Want to Say

Before you can make your trade show banner in New Mexico look amazing, you need to make sure you are delivering a compelling message. The goal is to inform people passing by your booth and get them to want to talk to you. Think about the message you want to send, much like you would an advertisement. This thinking will help you bring your banners to life.

The Fitted Table Cover

Logo Size

While your name should be big, it should never be the sole focus of your display. If you want to make your branding very clear, try making your logo one-third of the banner’s full size. This gives you plenty of room to write and allows people to see you from a distance. If you want additional branding, create a few logo-only signs or get a custom-printed tablecloth.

Make Your Message Fun

You only have a few seconds to engage an attendee and have massive amounts of competition. Find a way to make your message exciting and fun. Colorful graphics are the easiest way to accomplish this goal. Some banners may even include charts or read like an infographic.

Hire a Professional Graphic Design Team

Creating the perfect trade show display isn’t easy. Mammoth Creative understands the importance of creating an informative, captivating display for your next event. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business get the marketing materials it needs to stand out.