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Many business owners are increasingly opting for floor logo decals. These advertising tools are excellent for creating a high impact, as the graphic design and print are seen quickly by everyone that walks over that space.  These decals are a unique way of marketing your brand and keeping it in the eye of your consumers.

Why Opt For Custom Floor Graphics?

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Floor graphics are an effective and affordable way to catch customers’ attention.

Wherever there are floors, the potential of these vinyl graphics is unlimited.  They can serve multiple purposes. You can use them for providing directions, promoting sales and events, or even your new products. They are incredibly versatile, inexpensive, and perfect for creating unique experiences at any branding event.

No matter what you use them for, you would want to add your logo to custom floor graphics.  However, just as you plan the layout, colors, messaging, etc. it is necessary to ensure that you include your logo in the decals for interior spaces effectively.

Tips To Incorporate Your Company Logo in Custom Floor Graphics

Your logo is an essential aspect of all your advertising and marketing materials. Ensuring that it is printed correctly and appropriately placed on the floor logo decals is crucial to your branding.  Here are some helpful pointers:

  • Make sure that your logo is placed correctly with reference to any other design that you include in the graphics.
  • Check that the colors are right. Sometimes, if the print quality is poor, the logo colors will not turn out as they should. For instance, if you have a bright blue and a red in your logo, inferior printing quality can make other colors look maroon or navy blue. This would mean that the design digresses from your brand image, and this is something you need to avoid. Discuss your requirements with the graphic designers and ensure that you are getting the floor decals done from a credible and experienced company that is known for good quality print.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the logo is not lost in very busy graphics or messaging.
  • The size of the logo has to be proportionate to the overall size of the custom floor graphics.  If it is too large, it will overwhelm the design. Contrastingly, a small logo will not be noticed, which will defeat the purpose of using floor logo decals as an advertising tool for your company and brand.

Avoiding these mistakes will help to ensure that your logo creates an impact with the custom floor graphics you have installed.