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Decorating a vehicle for an event can be a fun and exciting experience. While getting a full vehicle wrap in Denver is an option, this isn’t always practical, especially if the event is only once per year. If you are about to show off your vehicle at an event or want to make your presence at a trade show well-known, try one of these practical marketing methods.

Vehicle Graphic Solutions in Commerce CityWindow Graphics

Custom window graphics are an excellent option for businesses who want to get a custom look for their vehicle but participate in multiple events throughout the year. Window graphics are easy to remove and can be reused year after year. Because they are custom-printed, businesses can still get the high-quality colors and designs they want.

Don’t confuse window graphics with the tiny stickers you see on residential vehicles. While some graphics can be small, it isn’t uncommon for the graphic to take up the whole window!

Removable Signs

Custom signs are a great idea for the sides of cars. Unlike window graphics, signs are not transparent, and therefore placement becomes more critical. While signs can be treated to withstand rain and other elements, they are best kept in the interior of the vehicle. This usually limits them to the side windows of large vans.

If your vehicle is playing a major part in the event, such as providing transportation to strangers, then investing in a few interior graphics can help you complete the experience. Use small signs to explain transportation rules or reinforce your brand.

Hang a Trade Show Banner

One way to get the most out of your advertising budget is to choose promotional materials that can be reused in multiple ways. If you are looking to promote before the event, tie a trade show banner to the exterior of the vehicle. Then, reuse the banner after the event!

Find Promotional Materials for Trade Shows

Mammoth Creative wants you to be able to create an eye-catching look for your next event. Whether you are dressing up your car or working to improve your trade show booth, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more.