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One of the most important factors determining whether a customer chooses to buy a product or service is trust. This may be even more important than perceived product quality.

All too frequently, a consumer will choose to buy from a huge multi-national brand over a smaller business, even if the deal looks better from the latter. They trust the multi-national company more.

So what is it that causes the trust? In a word, branding.

They’ve witnessed the brand of the big company many times before. Even if they haven’t bought from them previously, they’ve seen the brand in their day-to-day lives and may have seen or heard of other customers using them. They trust it as a more reliable product or service. In the world of marketing, this is called ‘familiarity bias’.

How to Create a Solid Brand?

You don’t need to spend millions of dollars on marketing to create this trust. In fact, this will barely help at all if you don’t first create a consistent brand.

Wherever you are choosing to advertise your brand, you want to ensure there’s consistency within the colors, the messaging, and the imagery.

This starts with your internal marketing, including the banners and window graphics on the premises of your store, on your website, and on social media.

You can expand this internal marketing to fleet graphics or stationary branding. If you’re a small business operating only in a local area, this is a fantastic start.

Brand Messaging

If you want to expand into print, broadcast or billboard advertising, it remains of upmost importance to retain a consistency in your branding.

It’s key to have a solid idea of your target audience and the strengths of your business compared to your competitors. If you strictly focus all of your branding on this message, you’ll have a strong brand message and be able to attract the right people to your business.