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Brand consistency is one of the critical things you need to achieve for strong, effective business marketing. Here are three tips to help you improve the consistency of your branding.

Custom vehicle wrapsAdd your branding everywhere

Think outside the box to find other places you could add your branding. Instead of having your employees drive a fleet of white vans, why not invest in fleet graphics? This is a cost-effective way to spread the word of your business, especially if your employees are out and about all the time.

Consider how well branded your office is. Could you spruce up your workplace with some fancy window graphics or floor graphics, or by investing in some branded merchandise? Such investments can make your business seem more established to those who visit your offices.

Online vs. offline branding

In this day and age, most people will experience your brand both online and offline, so it’s essential to ensure you have consistent messaging on both channels.

Ensure your website has similar color schemes and messaging as your offline marketing. Promote your offline marketing efforts (at trade shows, conventions, award evenings, etc.) on your social media feeds. Let offline customers know about your blog or social media feeds.

Choose your partnerships wisely

Teaming up with other organizations for cross-promotion is a great strategy to increase brand awareness, but it’s crucial that you take care when choosing what brands to team with. Ideally, you’ll only want to partner with a business that aligns with your brand values and is likely to appeal to your target audience.

Consider the same things when you’re deciding what platforms to market your business on. Would a company aimed at CEOs market themselves using Snapchat dog filters? If your primary audience is teenagers, should you be pouring a lot of effort into LinkedIn?