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If you’re going to spend some money decking out the company car with a vehicle wrap or decal, you need to take some proper precautions to make sure that the wrap or decal stays in good shape. While vehicle wraps and decals are built to last, they will become frayed or loose if you’re not careful. Below, we’ll talk about all the best ways you can maintain your vehicle graphics and protect your investment.

Avoid the Automatic Car Wash

As a business owner, it’s important to keep the company car clean and shiny. But don’t make the mistake of taking your car through the automated car wash. Depending on the car wash, those hefty bristles can pick and peel away at your vehicle graphics. It’s best to go to a manual car wash where you’ll be in control of the cleaning process every step of the way. Try to use less force when you’re cleaning around the vehicle wrap.

Keep the Car Clean

Vehicle Graphics Maintenance

Despite the dangers of using the automatic car wash, you need to keep the car clean. Letting dirt, dust, and dead bugs trample all over the company car isn’t an option. Not only will it tarnish your company’s reputation, but it will also ruin your car’s graphics. They may lose their adhesive or elastic properties, which may cause them to fall off or shrink in certain areas.

Use Waxes and Polishes with Care

You might also like the idea of waxing and polishing your car. While these are good habits for any small business owner to have, you need to be careful when applying these materials to the surface of your car. Some products may contain chemicals that can eat away at your vehicle wrap. Try using a small amount around the edges of the decal to see how it affects the surface before you lather your entire car in wax or polish.

For more information on how you can maintain your car decals in Western Slope, contact the pros at Mammoth Creative for more tips and advice.