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Trade shows are notorious for hosting dozens if not hundreds of booths at once. This can make it difficult for companies like yours to stand out and get noticed. You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting ready for this trade show and you don’t want to be overshadowed by the other participants. One of the best ways to get noticed at a trade show is to design a stunning, original banner for your company that gets people’s attention and doesn’t let it go. Learn more about how you can use a clever trade show banner to make the right impression on your peers.

Add Humor or a Funny Graphic

People love humor and you don’t usually see too much of it at a trade show, unless you’re going to a comedy expo. That’s why adding some sense of humor to your trade show banner can help you get people’s attention. Try adding a funny cartoon image, a pun or a play on words, or even a joke that gets people thinking about your business. Try to make the humor relevant to your company, otherwise all the free press might be for naught.

Custom-Made Banner

Use Contrasting Colors

There’s bound to be a lot of boring, neutral colors at a trade show, so you can make your banner pop by adding some contrasting colors that light up the venue. Most people will use color on the text in their banner with a more neutral background, but you can use a colorful background that contrasts with the text to get more eyeballs to your booth. You can also outline your colorful text in a contrasting color to make the image pop out more.

Creating a trade show banner is an important step when participating in a trade show. Make the most of this exciting opportunity and visit us at Mammoth Creative today to start designing the ultimate trade show banner for your company!