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Custom floor graphic signage is one of the best ways to add a pop of color to your retail space while enforcing your brand. These signs can be used as an effective marketing tool and can also be changed quickly, as required.

Understanding Advertising

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Advertising is a complex process. While the objective is to make a brand impact and attract more customers, you need to make sure it isn’t too overwhelming. This is why marketing tools such as floor logo decals applied in the interior areas of commercial spaces make the right impact.

The company that handles the graphic designing and printing should be able to incorporate the essence of the message you want to convey while highlighting your brand. It also means you need to keep specific design tips in view while doing this. 

Custom Floor Graphic Signs- Design Tips

  • Use your brand or corporate colors in the design
  • Make sure that the design conveys the right message
  • Include a tag line, or any offer details, etc., as required
  • The floor decals need to be proportionate in size to the space they have to be applied in.
  • For example, if you want to install it in a large foyer or entryway, a proportionately bigger sign will make a more significant impact. Similarly, in a hallway area, you would need narrower signs that do not look oversized and overwhelm the space.
  • Do not overcrowd the design or make it look too busy as that will only dilute the message. Keep it simple so that the core message shines through.
  • You can get decals that advertise your products or services as well as wayfinding graphics to make your business more accessible.
  • If you are getting multiple floor decals installed in a particular space, maintain consistency in design, styling, and color. This approach will help to create a seamless look in the area while displaying the message you want.
  • Always work with a company that provides customized services and would be able to offer design solutions that meet your needs.
  • Invest in good quality custom floor graphic signs as these would be made using high-grade materials. They would be able to withstand heavy foot traffic that a busy commercial space sees.

Since there are many different aspects to keep in view while getting floor logo decals designed, look for a reputable and experienced company that is known to offer high-grade services.