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Psychologically speaking, colors play a critical role in commercial signs, and being able to choose wisely, which colors to use could be the difference between a successful marketing camping or not. Many different factors could indeed motivate a buyer to buy a specific product, service or company, but colors can influence as much as 80 percent of a buyer´s decision because color affects people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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Here is a list of 10 of the most popular colors used in business signs and how they can affect a buyer’s decision.


Yellow is one of the most used colors in commercial signs since it will grab people´s attention, reflects optimism, shows clarity, stimulates the mental process, stimulates the nervous system, and encourages communication.


Red has many advantages when used on business signs; it increases heart rate, stimulates appetite, symbolizes love, and will also increase emotions like passion and intensity.


Blue is strategically used in corporate signs because it reflects security, trust, and productivity. It will also represent calmness, serenity, and it is associated with water and peace.


Green is the most comfortable color for the eye to process, and it is associated with wellness, relaxation, wealthiness, growth, and tranquility.


Orange is excellent for impulsive shoppers; it motivates people to buy a product or subscribe to a service. It also reflects the excitement, enthusiasm, and creates a sense of affordability.


Pink is a color that represents innocence and delicateness. It is often used in logos and signage to add a feminine connotation and is used in women products and services.


Black represents power, sophistication, security, and authority. It is commonly used in luxury products.


Purple is a color that represents royalty, wealth, calmness, and sophistication. It is often used in beauty and anti-aging products and services.


Brown reflects nature, utility, simplicity, richness, and depth.


Grey is a color that is neutral, cool, and often used in interior commercial signs. Also, it will complement well with most of the colors. Grey represents authority, respect, stableness, and practicality.

Colors in a Signage Product

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