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The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging on and there’s always a risk of getting an infection. Unfortunately, businesses can’t remain closed until the situation has resolved as people need to make a living and customers need essentials. Social distancing and proper hygiene can help limit the spread of this virus considerably. You can remind people of these guidelines through clear and vivid floor graphics.

Durable Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are stickers that adhere to almost every kind of floor surface, including polished concrete, tiles, and wood. These stickers are made from durable materials like vinyl, which means they can handle a lot of wear and tear without showing any signs of serious damage. They can be used to remind customers of new social distancing norms and here’s how you can do it:

  • Floor graphics provide a large canvas of endless possibilities.

    Mark Spots to Stand On – You can mark spots six feet apart from each other to help customers maintain their distance. Applying stickers is better than using paint or placeholders. Paint can damage your floors and people can move placeholders around.

  • Sanitization Stations – Most businesses have a sanitization station where customers can clean their hands before they enter and exit the property. You can use floor graphic to mark these sections.
  • Wearing a Mask – Masks can limit the transfer of the virus considerably. It is a good idea to remind your customers to wear a mask at all times by placing informative interior graphics on the floor.

Businesses can customize these graphics to make sure they match the company’s branding. Consult with a qualified graphic designer to come up with the most impactful signs. 

Benefits of Installing Floor Graphics

Floor graphics provide several advantages to business owners. They help you utilize the floor space effectively, draw people’s attention to your marketing materials, and establish a strong brand presence. These graphics are highly accessible as well because even short people or individuals in wheelchairs can see them.

Good-quality floor graphics can be placed in high-traffic areas and will last for several years without needing replacement. They are made from durable vinyl and can take a lot of abuse. The interior stickers will stay in place even after you run shopping carts over them regularly.

Interior graphics can also be used to market different products or services, set the right mood, and get brand visibility. They are also affordable compared to other advertising options available today. Contact us to get your free estimate and find how floor graphics can help you and your business.