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Typical Car Wrap Design Mistakes to Avoid

Car wraps are a great advertising tool to expose your business and brand, product, services, promotions, and more. However, it is essential to be careful when designing your car wrap so that it can be as successful as you expect it to be. Here are some things you need to avoid to keep in mind for your car wrap.

Don’t Go Cheap

Low-quality wraps may be cheap at first, but they will deteriorate quickly, so you will have to invest in a new one.

Don’t Choose Fonts Randomly

Choosing fonts randomly just because it looks “cool” may lead to a visual catastrophe. Take time to select a font that will benefit the overall design, and is easy to read by the viewers. A professional designer has ‘‘the-eye’’ and can help you select a unique but adequate font.

Don’t Use a Template

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Relying on digital templates without seeing the vehicle may end up in double work. Templates are designed to standard bumpers or other car parts. If you have a customized vehicle, a template won’t fit. Work hand in hand with your pro designer to measure your car and get a vehicle wrap that will perfectly fit your car, trailer, truck, bus, or any other vehicle.

Don’t Make it Difficult to Read

You need to make sure the text is clear and easy to read. That includes not stuffing the wrap with tons of information, not breaking it up in a strange way that’s confusing for people to understand. Also, you should avoid placing smaller text over creases or grooves on the vehicle.

Last but not least, avoid washing your car with a power-pressure or using harsh products to clean it. Both things will cause the vinyl to separate from your vehicle.

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