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A full mural is a great way to add drama and interest to any space. Instead of a bland surface, you have a beautiful graphic that will grab attention and improve the environment of any interior area. These full wall murals should be designed carefully to ensure they have the maximum impact. Sloppy graphics will do more harm than good by compromising your brand image. Here are some tips on how to create a full mural that impresses guests and employees alike:

 Working with the Correct Dimensions

Digitally Printed Custom Wall Mural

A wall mural is a great way to boost your branding.

Images are only appealing to the eye when they are well-balanced. If the image appears too crowded or too complicated for the wall dimensions, it will overwhelm people who look at it. Taking its dimensions into consideration is especially crucial when you’re using it in an office space. These areas need to have a comfortable atmosphere, and a busy wall will create a cluttered look.

Before planning the design for full wall murals, measure the space available carefully, and determine what kind of images will fit well. Take the balance of the decor into consideration by choosing a strategically placed wall visible from different corners of the office. Make sure there’s enough blank space around the mural to give the image a chance to shine. 

Selecting the Correct Design

Choosing the right design is the most crucial aspect of installing custom wall murals. Select something that looks modern and is aesthetically pleasing. The design should represent your brand correctly while conveying the right message. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The environment you want to create.
  • Design and brand colors.
  • Office décor.
  • Design style like modern, urban, retro, vintage, etc.
  • The message you want to convey.

Compare different images to see which one fits your office well without overwhelming thespace. The design shouldn’t make the area look cluttered or busy. Fortunately, modern software can create a digital replica of the office with the mural already in place. That will give you a more accurate idea of what to expect. 

Hire a professional for custom wall murals. They have experience with design and installation, so they will be able to offer straightforward advice. Professionals will consider your target audience, brand, and office architecture before recommending an image. Experienced graphic designers can work with clients to come up with the best fit for their brand.