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Large wall murals are colorful, impactful, and dramatic, which makes them a great addition to any commercial property. If you choose the right design, they can establish a strong impression of the brand in the customer’s mind. It is essential to choose the design carefully as such images can easily overwhelm a space and make it look cluttered. Here are some tips that can help: 

Large Canvas Tips

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Large canvas designs are striking and effective.

Large murals require careful consideration. The design should be impactful but not too crowded. When in doubt, it is best to stick with minimalist graphics because they are easier to digest visually. Make sure your large wall murals have:

  • Relatable and appealing images that will connect with your customers
  • Colors that convey the right message are warm and have an energetic, vibrant, intense, and powerful feel. Cool shades encourage confidence, style, sophistication, and security.
  • Ensure the canvas has brand colors or shades that compliment your brand image.
  • Choose a comfortable mural shape to ensure it fits in with the overall architecture of your commercial space.
  • Consider 3D and vivid graphics for maximum impact on your target audience.

Good-quality interior signs can help you promote your brand, market different products, and create a welcoming environment in your commercial setting.

 Choosing the Right Location

Just choosing the right design isn’t enough because the placement of full wall murals matters too. Here are some tips that can help you pick the correct location:

  • Consider the lighting of the space carefully before installing a sign. You can place murals directly under bright artificial lights or add focused lights to illuminate it. Experts encourage business owners to add signs where there’s ample natural light because that can showcase the design better than any other alternative.
  • Place murals in open spaces where there is no clutter. You want to maintain a balance between the sign and its surroundings to ensure the area doesn’t feel too crowded. If there are too many visual interest features in one place, the customer won’t pay much attention to the sign.
  • Choose a large, visible wall for the mural for maximum impact. The best areas for such graphics include lobbies, stairs, and passageways. 

If you’re unsure about the design, size, or color of your full wall murals, consult with an experienced graphic designer to get a better idea. They will look at the space available, consider your branding, and ask questions about the target audience before offering advice.