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Styles of Trade Show Displays

Recently, we covered a few types of trade show displays. Choosing the right one for you depends on your budget, the type of trade show, your marketing strategy, and your own creative flare. In this article, we will detail a few additional options.

Modular Displays

A modular display is a mix between a panel, pop-up, and frame exhibit display. It is constructed out of a series of frames and displays that amount to an exhibition area. It is totally reconfigurable and reusable, so it is perfect for adapting to different event spaces. It is portable and can be quickly set up by nearly anyone.Table Covers

Table Covers

Sometimes referred to as a ‘throw cover’, this is essentially a table cloth that drapes over a table. They are typically made to fit standard folding tables. The table cover can be printed with company logos and other information.

Table Top Displays

These are smaller, free-standing displays that display a graphic. Images are attached to a frame using fasteners, velcro, or magnets. These stands are intended to be placed on top of a table and are about 2-3 feet high.

Freestanding Booths

Freestanding booths are easy to transport and can be set up nearly anywhere. There are multiple styles of freestanding booths including linear, peninsula, split-island, island. Most come in the standard North American booth size of ten feet by ten feet, but larger sizes are available as well. multiple units can be used together to cover multiple booth spaces.

Custom Displays

Custom displays include a variety of materials and display methods that may include hard wall panels, stages, and other design concepts. Custom displays typically need to be installed prior to an event and may require a contractor or specialist to set up.

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