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Designing a company car can be a lot of pressure. While graphic designers can help relieve a lot of this pressure by offering their professional advice, many people still fear choosing ineffective designs for their fleet. If you aren’t quite sure where to start, this guide will explain some of the most effective color choices.

Signage DesignRemember Advertising Rules Apply

Before you analyze the color options you have available, think about your company brand and the colors it tends to incorporate. If you already have a company logo, you are going to want to sync your vehicle wrap designs. Choose colors that compliment the dominating color in your logo, rather than going down the choices below.

If you don’t have a company logo or are just looking for a cool design for your car, try using one of these colors as the background. Keep in mind that vehicle wraps in Denver can be very sophisticated; you don’t have to settle for a plain background!


White will make any colors pop. A white background is an excellent choice for businesses who want to seem simple and straight-to-the-point.


Black is another popular vehicle color that compliments vivid blues, pinks, yellows, and greens nicely. If you want your bright hues to pop, try using this sleek color.

Yellow and Red

Yellow is an uncommon color when it comes to vehicles and advertisers can use this to their favor. Use a yellow background against a plain logo if you want to grab people’s attention. Red tones have a similar effect due to their brightness.


Blues are a popular shade because they can inspire tranquility. As a car color, blues don’t usually stand out on their own. Try using an abstract background with multiple shades of blue to help give the car a unique look.

Choose the Right Vehicle Wrap Colors

When it comes to getting a vehicle wrap for your company car, it is always best to work with a graphic designer. Mammoth Creative is happy to offer design advice to business owners. Contact us to learn more.