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Window Graphics is any art printed on a vinyl paper and installed on a window. This type of signage is a great branding tool to attract passersby to enter your business. There are three crucial ingredients to have compelling window graphics: a good design, manufactured with premium materials and professionally installed. 

Why Window Graphics?

Window graphics are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, drug store, retail shop, or any other business, window graphics can promote your events, sales, and your business brand, in a very affordable way. 

Two Common Mistakes When Installing Window Graphics

One of the most common mistakes business owners do when installing their window graphics is not to properly clean the window before the installation process. Leaving dirt, dust, or debris on the windows will prevent the window graphics from being applied evenly. Also, it can cause air bubbles and tear between the window and the vinyl paper. 

If not done by a professional, installing your window graphics could lead to several mistakes, one is rushing the positioning and the application process. Always take your time to line up your graphics before removing the protective liner from the vinyl paper to avoid a crooked application and trapping air underneath causing bubbles. One of the biggest window graphic mistakes is to install the graphics yourself. It is always recommended to have your window graphics installed by a professional.

Window Graphics in Colorado

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