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If you’re trying to design the perfect vehicle wrap for your company’s car, you might want to think about adding some humor to the image to help it stand out on the road. A simple pun, a play on words, a humorous image, or an outright joke can help your company car make the right impression on consumers and pedestrians you might pass on the road. Learn more about how to add humor to your vehicle wrap.

Making the Humor Relevant to Your Company

It’s not enough to simply plaster a picture of a person slipping on a banana peel when you’re trying to sell people on your landscaping services. If you’re going to add humor to your vehicle wrap, you need to make sure that it’s related to the identity of your company. The pun, joke, or humorous image should instantly give pedestrians an idea of what your company is all about, including the services you provide and why a customer would call you in the first place. If the person manages to remember the joke, you also want them to remember your company.

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Increasing Brand Awareness

Pedestrians and people going about their day are used to seeing hundreds of images and ads wherever they go. A person can’t do much of anything these days without running into some kind of image that’s begging for their time or money. But a humorous image is bound to break the ice. It helps the consumer develop a positive association with your brand and it helps them remember what your company is all about. Seeing something funny on the side of a truck, car, or van tells the person that your company is interested in more than collecting money. It tells them that there’s a real human being with a sense of humor behind the face of your company.

Whether you’re starting a company from scratch or you’re looking to upgrade your company’s fleet wrap, a little bit of humor can go a long way in terms of reaching new customers. Contact us at Mammoth Creative in Denver to create a hilarious fleet wrap today.