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Wayfinding signs make it easier for people to navigate through a property and find areas they want to visit. For example, these signs can point towards elevators, restrooms, food courts, parking exits, and other such sections.

These interior directional signs come in different forms so you can install a customized set on your business property. Business owners can also find alternatives to dedicated wayfinding signs. Here’s a look at interior sign options that produce the same results:

Using Wall Murals

Empty circular parking garage under a sport stadium

Wall murals are an affordable, visible, and durable replacement for traditional signage. Instead of hanging a wayfinding sign from the ceiling or wall, you can paste a mural onto the wall with the required information. Here’s a look at some wall mural advantages:

  • Customizable – Murals are highly customizable; you can incorporate unique designs, colors, branding, etc. in the wayfinding details. These custom indoor signs will give your guests a strong impression of the brand, making it more memorable.
  • Visible– Wall murals are larger and easily visible, making them ideal for expansive retail spaces like malls, convention centers, and big lobbies. Traditional wayfinding signs are smaller and more suitable for offices and stores.
  • Affordable – Wayfinding signs are made from wood, glass, plastic, or metal, which makes them a little more expensive than the alternatives. Murals are printed on vinyl, so they are more affordable.

As you can see, using wall murals for interior directional signs has several benefits. If you choose the design well, it can have a significant impact on a customer’s buying mindset.

Using Floor Graphics

If you want to leave the walls open for other promotional materials, consider adding floor graphics. They are a type of custom indoor signs that are pasted on the floor directly. Here are some reasons why they are beneficial:

  • Like Wall Murals – Floor graphics offer all of the benefits of wall murals. They are big, vivid, and affordable, which makes them a great alternative to traditional signs.
  • Accessible – Floor graphics are convenient and easily visible to everyone. They are immediately noticeable, and you don’t need to peer over other people’s shoulders to find directions.

Floor graphics can be customized to your brand’s requirements as well. You can add logos, promotional images, and other such information to the sign for better results. Using a mix-and-match of wall murals and floor graphics can help meet your objectives and needs