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How To Choose The Correct Fabric For A Table Cover

There is a wide variety of table covers available with many different design options. However, there are also many different types of materials that can be used to make a table cover. The right choice depends on the theme and event that you are attending. Here is a quick breakdown on some of the most common table cover materials.

Material Choices For Table Covers

Cotton Fabric

Cotton is one of the most common choices for a table cover and it can be used for many different situations. There is a wide variety of colors available and they can be printed with different patterns and designs. It is easy to clean them in a washing machine, although some special designs may require extra care. It may be required to iron the table cover in order to prevent wrinkles before an event.

 Table Cover Fabric

Specialty Fabrics

If you require something a little more durable, there are also specialty materials such as water-repellent fabrics. These may be made out of canvas or down and are usually used for outdoor exhibits. There are not as many color or design options for these, but they will stand up against tough conditions.

Another option for outdoor exhibits is one-time use table covers that are made of paper, plastic or vinyl. These are good for a specific event, but it is difficult to re-use them.

Synthetic Fabric

There are also synthetic fabrics available such as polyester. These are wrinkle-resistant and can be cleaned very easily. It is also possible to order custom spandex design that will provide a contoured look to your table.

Fabric Type Advantages Disadvantages
Cotton Many color options

Machine washable

May need ironing

Absorbs spills and stains

Synthetic Many color options

Wrinkling resistant

Stain resistant

May need ironing
Canvas Easy to clean


Water resistant

Limited color and style options
Disposable Many color options

Water resistant


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