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How to Protect Your Vehicle Wraps During Summer

Wrapping your car or a fleet of vehicles is an investment you would like to protect. For this reason, our experts in vehicle signage have put together a list of the three main tips to protect your vehicle wraps during summer.

Handwash Your Car

car vinyl wrap maintenance,Your best bet is to wash your car by hand, helping avoid the risk of damage to the vinyl wrap. Using a pressure washer can make the material lift around the edges and degrade the face film. All you need is a blend of mild detergent and clean water to do the cleaning. And, of course, don’t forget to do the washing under the share if possible.

Park Under a Covered Area

Direct exposure to the sun is never good. If your quality vinyl wraps stay long enough in the sun, your wrap inevitably will lose its color quickly, or even dry, peel, or crack. So, try to avoid direct exposure to the sun rays this summer. Park under a shaded area and consider investing in a car cover which will help preserve the looks and integrity of the wrap.

Apply Regular Car Polish Or Wax To Your Graphics

Applying an extra layer of protection is always your ally. There are polishes in the market formulated especially for vehicle graphics. Many polishes come with UV ray protection, which provides a chemical cover to your graphics. That will avoid premature loss of color from sun exposure.

personalized race car wraps

When it comes to your vehicle wrap care, following the pointers above will not only prevent fading and minimize summer damage, but it will make your car look fantastic. For more insightful maintenance suggestions for your car vinyl wrap, reach out to the experts in vehicle graphic design and installation from Mammoth Creative. Our team specializes in everything from personalized race car wraps to eye-catching fleet signs.

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