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Every business is unique and has its own needs, but no matter its line of industry or its size, without customers, it won’t be successful. According to some studies, 70% of people go into a store after they see a sign that catches their attention. Professional custom window graphics are an affordable but very effective way to encourage potential customers to visit your store and buy from you.

Four Important Tips Before Manufacturing Your Window Graphics

At Mammoth Creative, we specialize in custom window graphics for all types of properties. They are created by professional designers who have the experience necessary to create a compelling design that attracts your potential clients and makes them come in and request more information about your products or services.    

Window Graphics in Colorado


A good signage product is much more than just quality. It is important also to consider the size to guarantee its readability. Depending on the location and the distance from the viewers, our experts will recommend the appropriate letter size and font to make sure it will be effective.

Important Information

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is to add more details than necessary to their window graphics. When crowding the design with too many words and graphics, you will quickly lose the reader’s attention. Instead, pick the most vital information to grab their attention and make them want to enter your shop to find out more.Custom signage solutions in Colorado


Colors affect the way people perceive things. They are also an essential part of a brand’s identity, so this is why it is paramount to ask a professional designer before choosing the colors that are going to be used on your window graphics.


The same as colors, contrast is vital because it impacts the readability and the attention of the viewers. Make sure to avoid similar colors from the letters to guarantee a better readability.