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Perforated Window Graphics

This type of window graphics is a standard advertising tool for vehicles and storefront window and door displays. Your glass surfaces will become an advertising space to display your brand, logo, photos, relevant information, and more. The vinyl film is applied to the external face of your window, allowing you to still see out your window from the inside. From your fleet of vehicles to your law office, dental clinic to your storefront, the perf window graphics will show off your business in style.

Benefits of Window Perf Graphics

Perforated graphics made of a vinyl film, has fifty percent of the vinyl material punctured with tiny holes. These little holes (micropunctures) are so tiny that the high-quality image is kept on one side while offering see-through on the other side. Here are some of the advantages of this type of graphics.

Double Purpose

Many business owners use it to cover entire windows; they also block UV rays and provide privacy and shade.

Benefits of Window Perf Graphics

Customizable Sign

You can use perforated window graphics to turn your store window and glass doors, truck, van, or your fleet of vehicles into a unique sign. Professional designers from Mammoth Creative will cut it to fit any surface.

Variety of Applications

You can install perforated window graphics to use as window decor for product promotion, window signage, branding, storefront advertising, or to promote products and services with your vehicles.

Weatherproof and Waterproof

Perforated graphics are fabricated with top-quality materials for outdoor use. Your perforated window sign will endure UV rays, rain, wind, and other elements.

Need Perforated Window Graphics in Colorado?

Mammoth CreativeSigns offers perforated window graphics & decals made with the highest quality materials that will resist fading and discoloration but are surprisingly affordable. We also provide window decals, car wraps, banners, and more. Call us at 303-301-7550 to get started with your perforated window graphics today!