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Are you thinking about hosting an event for your business? One of the best ways to draw some eyeballs to the event is to use a colorful banner or sign to promote what your company is up to. But designing a custom banner can be an uphill climb for some businesses. They don’t always know how to send the right message with such a public sign. After all, this sign will be seen by everyone that comes to your event and there’s a good chance that it will make it onto your social media page, so it’s important to get the message right. Use these tips to start designing your event banner.

Event Banner

What Is the Point of the Event?

You need to sit down with your team before you commission a custom banner and think about what the event is about and who will be there. Every word counts when you’re designing a banner, so you need to make sure that you’re being clear and upfront with your audience. If you’re participating in a trade show or looking to network with other players in your industry, you might want to use professional language that attracts other business owners or investors. If you’re trying to get the public excited about your business, you might want to go with something more uplifting and colorful.

Highlighting Your Brand

The event will largely be focused on your company’s brand, so you need to highlight what’s special about your company. Try to use the same words, phrases, or colors that people already use to recognize your brand. It doesn’t make sense to shake up your trademark strategy before a big event. You can also use language that implies certain emotions that will connect with your target audience.

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