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Use Truck Lettering To Promote Your Business

When it comes to advertising, vehicle lettering is a truly cost-effective way to promote your company.

Compelling Vehicle Letters!

Did you know that great vehicle lettering can create over 16 million impressions every year?

Mammoth Creative has a team of expert professionals who can install vinyl lettering in less than one week after the approval of the artwork.

Important Design Tips For Truck Lettering

Size of the Font!

In this case, bigger really is better. Fonts should be at least 3 inches tall in order for your lettering to be easily read by others.

Colors Matter!

It is important to choose a color scheme that pops in contrast to the color of your vehicle. White vinyl is a good choice for windows as it reflects the sun.

Truck Lettering Design Tips

Simple is Better!

People don’t have time to read while they are driving. Your message or advertisement should be able to be read quickly in order to maximize impact. Aim for 4-5 words and any contact information that is important. This will be more effective for advertising.

Type of Product & Material

Remember that it is possible to request a reflective vinyl lettering from your professional car wrap company. This is the type of product that looks amazing during the day but is also bright enough to see at night. If you really want to make your truck lettering stand out, you can also enhance it with a huge range of graphic designs.

Do not forget that the grade of vinyl is very important to the overall quality of your truck lettering. Never use low-grade vinyl as it simply will not be able to last with constant exposure to the outdoors. The best type of vinyl is either a premium or cast grade vinyl that is rated to last at least 7 years.

If you need help with your truck lettering in Denver, please Contact Mammoth Creative today!