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At Mammoth Creative, we use premium 3M vinyl products to manufacture our vehicle wraps, meaning that your vehicle graphics will stand tough against almost any type of weather. Even if your 3M vinyl wraps require relatively low-maintenance, if you perform some essential care tips, you can extend the lifetime of your vehicle graphics. Today we want to write about how you can protect your vehicle wraps from winter weather damage.

Road Salt

Salt is a corrosive element, and it is abundant on the roads of Colorado during the winter season. While we use 3M high-quality vinyl paper that is very resistant to road salt, it can eventually start to damage the vehicle wrap if you leave it to sit on your car for extended periods. We recommend that you wipe off any salt to avoid any chance of destroying the vinyl.

Cleaning Your Vehicle to Avoid Snow and Frost Damage

With the skills of our  3M Certified Installers and the quality of our vinyl wraps, our vehicle wraps will hold up in any weather. But when it comes to cleaning your vehicle graphics, if you use the wrong materials and tools, you could cause damage to the wrap. We recommend that you use a soft brush or cloth and wait until your vehicle heats up a bit before removing the snow and frost. 

Perforated Window Graphics 

If you have a perforated vinyl graphics on your vehicle back window, never use a metal scraper to remove frost since it could damage or scratch the vinyl.

Care Tips for Your Vehicle Graphics during Winter

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