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Custom vehicle graphics last for a very long time if done with premium 3M vinyl films, but with some simple steps you can prolong your vehicle wraps lifetime even longer, and get the most out of your investment when you advertise your company on the road.

Simple Steps to Increase Your Custom Vinyl Wraps Lifetime 

Take It for a Wash

Custom vinyl graphics are very resistant, protecting the original car paint against the sun, and also against bumps, dents, chips, stones, scratches and other outdoor elements that could harm the exterior of your vehicle. But, your vehicle wrap also gets dirty, and it is recommended that you wash your car every once in a while to keep it clean and in excellent condition. If you decide to take your car to a car wash, we recommend that you take it to a touch-less car wash, since brush car washes may scratch or harm the vinyl wrap.

Protect It from the Sun

When you are not using your vehicle, it is highly recommended that you park your vehicle in an indoor space or find shade to protect it against the sun, since exposing it to the sun for extended periods of time will cause the vinyl wrap to deteriorate, reducing its lifetime.

If Exposed to Contaminants, Wash It

When you are driving there are many contaminants that your vehicle is exposed to like bird droppings, acid rain, and many others elements that could harm your custom vehicle wrap. Also when you are filling the tank at the gas station, if fuel spills accidentally it could harm it and cause significant damage. For these reasons we recommend to wash your vehicle graphics whenever it is exposed to contaminants.

World-Class Vehicle Graphics

World-Class Vehicle Graphics to Customize Your Vehicle

Whether you want to give your vehicle a personal touch or to wrap your company’s fleet to advertise your business, at Mammoth Creative, we have all the professional staff, high-end technology, premium products, and experience to design, manufacture, and install the most attractive custom vinyl wraps, at very competitive prices. Contact us today to request a free estimate so we can get things WRAPPED UP!