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Custom Floor Graphic Maintenance Tips

Floor graphics are short to medium term graphics installed on the ground level of retail stores, supermarkets, trade shows, and more. They are made to endure foot traffic while displaying your brand and message. But, as with any other type of sign, it needs to be adequately cleaned. Our sign experts have put together some maintenance tips to help make your floor graphics stay in good shape long after installation.


  • Lint-free paper towel
  • Isopropyl alcohol for small areas (lotion-free)
  • Solution mix of fifty drops of detergent per liter of water for more significant areas

Cleaning the Floor (Before Installation)

  1. Apply the solution of detergent and water across the floor area where the graphic will be installed. Do not use enzyme detergents or harsh soaps.
  2. Clean a surface that is 7 inches larger than the graphic.
  3. Use a lint-free paper towel to wipe clean the area, then dry it with a fresh towel. Be sure you get rid of all soil, grit, or any other contaminants.
  4. Moisten a paper towel with isopropyl alcohol and then wipe the floor down to eliminate any grease or oil. Before the alcohol evaporates, dry the area completely, with another paper towel.

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Floor Graphic Care Tips (After Installation)

  • Avoid using abrasive tools such as mop sponges with rough scrubbing surfaces, deck brushes, and handheld “scrubbies.”
  • Never clean your graphics with bleach or acids, like vinegar or lemon.
  • Keep your custom floor graphics and surrounding areas clean and dry for five hours.

Need Attention-Grabbing Floor Graphics?

Professionally designed and installed floor graphics allow you to transform high-traffic floor areas into attention-grabbing ad spaces. Floor graphics from Mammoth Creative are ideal for interior applications on most dry, clean and untextured floors.

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