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When plastering a fresh vehicle wrap on their company car, some business owners wonder if they should include their website. Pasting a URL on the side of a car might seem strange to some people, but it might be an important step if your company is anything but typical. You might need to include your website if you suspect that people are going to want to learn more about your company before giving you a call. Here are just some of the reasons to add your website to your vehicle wrap.

Your Products and Services Are Complicated

If you’re trying to sell unusual products and services to the public, you might need to give people more information about what your company is all about than just your name, address, phone number and a witty tagline. While you can try to quickly summarize the overall idea behind your company on a vehicle wrap, people might not have enough time to digest all the information on the side of your car, truck, or van. You or one of your employees might drive off before they have a chance to soak it all in. But a URL will encourage them to dive deeper and learn more about your company long after you drive away.

Your Company Uses Nontraditional Contact Methods

Most business owners will put their phone number and address on the side of their company car, but that might not be an option for you if your company uses nontraditional contact methods like an online contact form, email, or social media. If you need your consumers to visit your website in order for them to reach out or place an order online, adding your company’s URL makes a lot of sense.

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Your Company Operates Strictly Online

If you run an online company that does not have a physical storefront, you should probably go ahead and add your website to the vehicle wrap. This might include an online company that provides services in the neighborhood, an eCommerce shop, or a delivery service.

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