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There are many ways of advertising your company, some are cheaper than others, and of course, some are much more effective. But, before choosing your advertising method, you must create a marketing strategy and determine your targeted audience, budget, and goals. Today, we want to give you three ways you can cost-effectively advertise your company. 

3 Cost-Effective Signs for Your Business Marketing Camping

Vehicle Wraps

The biggest corporations in the world use custom vehicle graphics for their advertising purposes, and the reason is simple, it is the most cost-effective signage solution in the market. On average, 30,000 to 70,000 people see your vehicle daily, now imagine your whole company vehicle fleet wrapped up promoting your business. Also, high-quality vehicle wraps are cheaper than a regular paint job and will protect your original vehicle paint. 

Window Signs

No matter if you have an office downtown or a store in the shopping mall, window graphics are beneficial for encouraging your targeted audience to enter your business and become your customers. Mammoth Creative offers pressure-sensitive, removable window graphics designs, manufactured and installed with the highest standards in quality. 


A custom-made banner is an excellent way of promoting your company but also for all types of social events. It has the advantage of being moved easily and also folds and stores for future events. Mammoth Creativecustom banners made with premium vinyl paper that is very resistant and durable, so with a one-time investment, you will have an affordable signage solution for your business needs. 

Cost-Effective Signs

We Are 3M MCS Warranty Certified

Here at Mammoth Creative, we are 3M MCS Warranty certified, meaning that our staff is well trained, and our signage projects handled with the highest standards in quality. You can be confident that choosing us for your graphic design needs in Denver, you are making a smart investment, and that you are going to receive the most attractive graphics for your company. We encourage you to browse our website and learn more about us and our signage products and services. Contact us so we can start working on your custom graphics today!