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Application Methods for Floor Graphics

Floor graphics should always be installed by a professional graphic company. Here are some basics about the process.

Installing Interior Floor Graphics

  1. The first step to installing a floor graphic is to completely clean the surface to remove any residual substances such as grease or dirt. After a thorough cleaning, the area is dried with a clean cloth.
  2. The surface is marked for the position of the floor graphic.
  3. Without any contact with the adhesive, the release liner is peeled and folded down close to the top of the floor graphic.apply floor graphics in Denver
  4. The application of the floor graphic begins at the top. The liner is slowly removed and squeegeed as it is applied to the floor surface. Strokes with the squeegee need to be firm and consistent with specific attention to the edges and corners of the graphic.
  5. For floor graphics that contain multiple panels, the edges should be neatly lined up and never overlapped.
  6. If there is an air bubble, it can be punctured with a needle and then smoothed back down with the squeegee.

Tip: The floor graphic cannot be polished for 24 hours after installation.

Sealing the Edges

Sealing the edges of a floor graphic is not necessary if it has been installed correctly. However, doing so makes the floor graphic more durable for high traffic areas.

Safety Precautions

In order to prevent any accidents, the floor graphic must be completely removed if it starts to peel.

Although appying floor graphics appears to be easy, a floor graphic can be very easily ruined if it is not installed properly.  This process has been simplified to explain it, but there is a variety of techniques and tricks for installing to different types of surfaces.

Installing a floor graphic requires the correct combination of vinyl grade and adhesive. This is something that is better left to the professionals.

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