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Designing fleet graphics for your company’s vehicles will help your business get attention everywhere you go. From driving around the neighborhood to long-distance shipments, the graphics on your company’s cars speak volumes about your company. But your company isn’t going to get any new customers unless you have an image that really turns some heads. Create an authentic graphic that gets people talking about your company.

Chose Images and Colors that Represent Your Company

The chances are that you already have a logo for your company, but you don’t have to copy and paste the same image onto your fleet graphics. Before you spend the money decking out your company’s cars with graphics, you might want to consider designing a new logo that catches the eye. You can try adding bold colors with lots of contrast, changing the font, or creating a different version of your logo that’s designed to get attention even in the middle of a busy highway. Don’t limit yourself to a dull copy of your logo, make a bold statement.

Going Beyond a Logo

You can also try adding additional imagery to your logo like a hand-drawn image, a photo of the goods and services you provide to your customers, or a charming graphic that will make people stop in traffic. Our design professionals will meticulously recreate whatever image you choose. Cars and trucks give you lots of space to work with, so you can really show off your company’s creative skills. After all, your company has a story to tell, so don’t be shy!

Create a Catchy Saying that Entices New Customers

A catchy tagline can also help you make the most of your fleet graphics. You can be as witty and charming as you want, just make sure that you’re accurately describing your company. Just one sentence will do, as people don’t usually have time to read a lot of text while they’re driving. Also, don’t forget to list the main products and services that your company is known for.

The design professionals at Mammoth Creative are here to help you design the ultimate fleet graphic in Denver, Colorado. Contact us today for a consultation.