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Customizing your workspace is a great way to help distinguish your company from your competitors. From the exterior of your office to the water cooler in the employee lounge, every detail of your office is an opportunity for you to show off what makes your company so unique. Having a dull office isn’t doing your company any favors. Use these tips to design a custom workspace that attracts success.

Add a Wall Mural with Your Logo

Chances are you have plenty of empty wall space around your office. Why not use some of that precious real estate to show off how creative your business can be. A wall mural with your company name or logo will help create a more upbeat atmosphere around the office. You can make the right impression on your clients and give your employees something to smile about. Don’t forget to upload a photo to your company’s Instagram page.

Create a Floor Graphic That Inspires

Floor graphics are all the rage among start-ups and innovative companies. Try adding a custom floor graphic around the busiest part of your office, such as the hallway that connects several offices, the employee lounge, or in the middle of your warehouse. People are always coming and going and stepping right over your company’s logo is a great way to keep everyone’s spirits high.

Design an Overhead Sign

Having a business with proper signage is a must for any company. It helps your customers find you, and it tells the community more about your business and the services that it provides. But putting a boring sign over your front door won’t be enough to generate some buzz in the community. You need to create a sign that really catches the eye by adding bold colors, the right level of contrast, and some text that clearly describes what your business is all about.

If you’re not sure how to customize your workspace, contact us for tips and advice on how to make the most out of your office.