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Your office space says a lot about your company. It’s where you spend most of your day, discuss important matters with clients, and conduct business meetings. But if your office looks like every other row of cubicles, you might be making a bad impression on your clients and your employees. Dim lighting, tasteless furniture, and boring gray walls aren’t doing your company any favors. Spice up your workplace with these design tips.

Adding a Wall Mural

A custom wall mural is an easy wall to add some style and flair to your business. You can custom build an image that highlights the message behind your business. Maybe you care about the environment or you’re a cutting edge graphic design firm. Whatever your business is all about, you can bring the space to life with a wall mural. It gives people something to look at as they go about their day, reminding them that you’re a serious business owner with strong creative skills.

Investing in Designer Furniture

As much as you like that ripped up old sofa in the lobby or employee lounge, it might be time for an upgrade. Your clients and employees will notice the furniture in your office right away. You might have a client or a job applicant waiting in the lobby, so it’s important to have furniture that really speaks highly of your business. Skip the cookie-cutter office furniture that makes people feel like they’re getting a root canal. Go for something bold and unique that will turn some heads.

Creating Floor Graphics

People look down at the floor just as much as they look at the walls. You can double down on your creative pursuits and add a stunning floor graphic to your office space. Hopefully, you’ve torn out the old carpet and you have a slick hardwood or concrete surface to work with. Just blow up an image of your logo or one of your best-selling products to create some eye-catching floor graphics.

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