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Car wraps and custom car graphics are becoming incredibly popular. Many businesses with car fleets choose to get their vehicles wrapped with the best car wraps. Many opt for brand colors, company logos, and other marketing messages and company information for a customized look.

High-quality car wraps require experience and knowledge in design material, preparation, and installation. Even if you use the best car wraps, if the installation and final finishing are poor, it can affect the entire look of the car. While it’s best to get your vinyl car wrap work done by a specialized company like us at Mammoth Creative, with some practice, you might be able to handle this task yourself.

Steps to Install a Car Wrap

  • 3M MCS Warranty Certified

    Professional installation is the key to a flawless, shiny and striking car wrap.

    Measure the size of the surface you want to cover with the vinyl car wrap. Make sure you have sufficient material.

  • When using 3M car vinyl, use the special 3M Snitty Cutting Tool. Alternatively, a sharp blade will do.
  • The 3M car wrap kits are available in 1 meter & 2.5-meter lengths. Select the right one based on the car you are wrapping. The roof surfaces need wider wraps.
  • Clean the vehicle surface with soap and water and remove all the wax, grime, and dirt altogether. You can use 3M VHB Surface Cleaning Wipes in this step.
  • Remove the vinyl car wrap’s backing paper, ensuring that you don’t touch the adhesive as it can get smudgy.
  • Slide the vinyl film into position- its adhesive will stick once you apply pressure, so get it in place before you do that.
  • While wrapping larger panels like the bonnet or roof, get someone to help you. Working with these wider pieces of film can be quite tricky without help.
  • Using the edge of a 3M Squeegee, apply pressure firmly in even, full strokes.
  • Work slowly from the center and smooth towards the edges of the film.
  • The film’s adhesive backing has channels that help minimize the chances of bubbles forming.
  • If you do notice an odd one here or there, you can smooth them out with your finger.
  • In case you make a mistake, you can peel the vinyl car wrap carefully (being careful not to stretch the material) and then reapply it.
  • Once you are happy with the look, slowly trim all the edges using a sharp, clean blade.

Following these steps and handling the application of the best vinyl wraps in an unhurried manner will give you a seamless and beautiful finish.