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What is a Partial Vehicle Wrap?

A partial car wrap is a vehicle coverage that covers less area than a full wrap but more than decals, ranging from ¼ of a wrap to ¾ of a wrap (approximately 50-200 sq. ft.). It can be placed anywhere on the vehicle. A partial wrap can also include window graphics – perforated vinyl or solid vinyl – to complete the look.

Why Should You Consider Getting a Partial Vehicle Wrap?

You get the same benefits of a full vehicle wrap for less money. The benefits include:

  • What is a Partial Vehicle WrapActs as an extra barrier for your car paint
  • Gives your company a more professional look
  • Protects dings & scratches, also against the elements like the wind and UV rays
  • Communicates your message wherever you go, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Gives the impression that your company is well-established and professional
  • Gives the vehicle a new look while preserving the original paint job

Get Vehicle Wraps & Decals from the Pros at Mammoth Creative

When you get a custom vehicle wrap designed and installed by Mammoth Creative professionals, you will achieve your advertising goals. With a quality partial wrap, your business brand and message will be exposed and shown to more potential customers with little to no effort. Take advantage of your company logo to raise business awareness, give event information, or showcase your new product line, and much more with a professionally installed partial vehicle wrap. Plus, we use high-quality materials that along with top-of-the-line large printers, will make the final product last for three to five years.

We offer professional signage design, digital printing, production, and installation services. Other services include fleet graphics, full vinyl wraps, floor graphics, interior graphics & signs, banners, and window graphics. Call us at 303-301-7550 to speak with an expert in vehicle wraps & graphics. Or visit our website to get inspired.