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Vehicle branding is a form of advertising that might not be on the top of everyone’s minds, but if done properly it can arguably be one of the most lucrative options available to you.

Rather than investing in billboard, print or broadcast advertising and paying for your business to be exposed to people for a specific amount of time, you can make a one-off payment for your vehicle to be permanently branded.

What Types of People are Most Likely to be Exposed to Your Business?

Assuming you’re out and about on a frequent basis, your advertising is likely to be seen by a lot of people. Some 98% of Americans travel in a vehicle at least once a week and studies suggest that vehicle branding is spotted by 95% of these people.

Those most likely to see your branding are heavy commuters, who are employed, middle-aged and typically in a higher-income bracket. Needless to say, this could be a useful market to tap into.


Branded Vehicles Make Your Business Look More Professional

Branded vehicles make your business look more high-end to those who use your services. It generates a more professional impression, rather than if you turned up in an unbranded white van. When vehicle wraps are used and look good, it helps customers to feel like your company is more established and successful. Plus, your customer’s neighbors will spot that your business is in use, building local trust in your brand. In sales, this is commonly referred to as ‘The Jones Effect’. Three out of every four people were found to have a positive opinion of businesses they have been exposed to through vehicle advertising, according to recent studies.

Drive Safely

However, it is important to keep your vehicle clean and to drive safely. Otherwise, your vehicle branding could actually have a negative effect on the public perception of your brand.